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How to Donate

Petition for donation for "The 20th International Biology Olympiad"

Biology has greatly advanced in the latter half of 20th century, and 21st century is said to be "Era of Life Civilization". Today, it is no exaggeration to say that without biology, it is very difficult to discuss global competition in industries and even environmental problems.

Japan started "The Third Phase of the Science and Technology Basic Plan" from April 2006. Compared to the second phase plan, this plan has put emphasis on personnel training and it is shown symbolically in a phrase "from things to people".

For a country like Japan that is experiencing population shrinking, it is an imminent problem to train gifted students who will lead Japan's science and technology. In this sense, participation of secondary school students in various science Olympiads is expected to give them great incentive and aim.

As a part of vitalizing Japan's science education, we established the "The 20th International Biology Olympiad" organizing Committee in July 2007 and decided to hold "The 20th International Biology Olympiad" along with the Tsukuba University and the Japan Science Foundation.

The University of Tsukuba regards this as a great opportunity and privilege, and with support from organizations and companies in Tsukuba Science City, the university will be the chief player in conducting the Olympiad. Moreover, the university of Tsukuba will ask for support from other universities that have biology course and from biology related organizations.

The expected expense of the Olympiad is about three hundred million yen. It will be managed by the fee from participating countries, related organizations, etc., but these are hardly enough to cover the expense. Therefore, we ask for your donations.

We hope that you will understand the spirit of "The 20th International Biology Olympiad" and we ask for your very special support.

Dr. Makoto, Asashima, Chair of Fund Raising Committee

1. Target figure 130 million yen
2. Period FY2007 to FY2009 (3 years)
3. Donation unit
  • Companies/groups (incorporated foundation, etc.): 100,000yen/unit
  • Individuals: 1,000yen/unit
We are looking forward to multiple units.
We accept donation by installments extending over fiscal years.
4. Donation recipient Incorporated foundation Japan Science Foundation
  Donation recipient
<Bank account>
Resona Bank Kudan branch (branch number 274)
Account number: 1365939
Account name: Japan Science Foundation
Individual <Bank account>
Japan Post Bank Kudan branch
Account number: 00180-8-412758
Account name: Japan Science Foundation

The foundation is authorized as "Specific public benefit corporation"