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About the Emblem

Meaning of logo

We have clearly shown the key words of the 20th International Biology Olympiad: "IBO", "2009", "Tsukuba", and "Japan". Also, it uses a five-petaled cherry blossom and a circle in the shape of the Japanese flag to illustrate the host country. The five letters of "Japan" colored in Olympic colors shows that this meeting is a science Olympiad, and the double helix of DNA strands shows that it is an Olympiad of biological sciences.

Meaning of Emblem

Its circular shape shows friendship and peace, and also the hope to establish international exchange and friendship between participants from all over the world. Moreover, the circle stands for the Japanese flag, a five-petaled cherry blossom and the white silhouette of Mount Tsukuba shows the host country Japan and Tsukuba. The basic color stands for "Ibaraki blue", wide sky and the vast Kasumigaura Lake of Ibaraki.

The meaning of the Albatross

The bird in the emblem is an albatross (Pheobastria albatrus). The population of this species dropped sharply by overhunting and thus its habit is limited to Torishima and Senkaku islands today. However, the number have restored to 2500 as a result of conservation activities contacted mainly by Japanese researchers. This albatross is included in the emblem of the 20th International Biology Olympiad because it is recovering from the verge of extinction. This is in the spirit of the International Biology Olympiad which hopes for enrichment in education and the environment of the Earth. The bird's migration over borders gives us an image of international exchange.

Use of the Logo

Please refrain from using the logo.

Use of the Emblem

The emblem was created to introduce "The 20th International Biology Olympiad" to the world.

If you agree to this aim and would like to use the emblem to support "The 20th International Biology Olympiad", please read below and submit usage application form. After confirming the form, we will send the emblem by floppy disk (Win or Mac) or by e-mail.

By E-mail (E-mail form)

put "Emblem using request" on the subject and fill in items below.

  • Name
  • Group/school
  • Person in charge
  • Telephone number
  • FAX number
  • E-mail address
  • Purpose of use

Items to note when using the emblem

The size of the emblem is unrestricted.

Do not change the shape or overlap emblem with other figures or letters.

In principle, use designated colors for the emblem. However, when designated colors cannot be used because of the printer, print it out in monochrome.

Please refrain from using logo in the following cases.

  • Using it for the publicity stunt of an individual or group
  • Using it for making monetary profit
  • Using it as a private emblem or trademark/design
  • When disgracing dignity of "The 20th International Biology Olympiad" or the purpose of the use does not go along with the purpose of the emblem use

Please note: Even after approval, usage may be prohibited if a user becomes unfit according to the criterion.

Inquiry for the emblem or logo