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Please note: Minor changes may be made to the actual exams.

Exams subject

The exams are composed of "practical" and "theoretical" parts.
Questions will be translated into Japanese for Japanese participants.

Practical Exams

Practical tests will be divided into the following four sections.
 1. Animal and Plant Anatomy
 2. Biochemistry
 3. Genetics
 4. Cell Physiology

Two tests will be given in the morning and another 2 tests after lunch. Each test is 90 minutes (6 hours in total). There will be a break in between each test.

Lab materials and instruments will be prepared on benches beforehand. Participants will perform experiments by following the questions and will submit results and analysis.

The use of general lab instruments will be explained during the inspection of the laboratory held in the afternoon of July 13, 2009.

Theoretical exams

Theoretical exams will take the form of general written exams.

Questions will be given in various styles such as multiple choice, true or false, and questions that ask for answers in numbers or symbols. Questions are made this way in order to make it language-independent.

Theoretical exams are composed of two 150 minute length exams, making it total of 5 hours.

Fields and approximate time allotments are as follows.

Field time allotments
Cellular biology (including molecular biology and biochemistry) 20%
Plant anatomy and physiology (focusing on seed plants) 15%
Animal anatomy and physiology (focusing on vertebrates) 20%
Ethology 5%
Genetics and evolution 15%
Ecology (including biosphere and humans) 15%
Biological phylogenetics 10%


Practical and theoretical questions weigh 50% each in the final results. Gold medals will be awarded to participants with marks within top 10% of the total. Silver medals will be awarded to those within 10~30%, and bronze medals to 30~60%.