Practical Exam Overview

The IBO2020 practical exams will consist of the following three exams:

  1. Animal physiology, histology and developmental biology (3 hours)
  2. Plant biology (1.5 hours)
  3. Bioinformatics (1.5 hours)

Total 6 hours

  • The details of all three practical exams will be published around May – June. We will make sure to notify all the country coordinators when it’s out.
  • In terms of bioinformatics, the exam will be created based on Campbell Biology; participants do not need any special training or preparation outside of the textbook.

Theoretical Exam Overview

All theoretical exam questions will be multiple choice questions based on the IBO guidelines. The duration is 6 hours.

Answers will be recorded on a bubble sheet. There will be a lecture about how to use a bubble sheet on July 4th, three days before the exam.