IBO2020 Program (tentative)

July 3rd (Fri)Reception
Venue: Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch
Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party
Venue: ARKAS Sasebo, Sasebo City, Nagasaki
July 4th (Sat)Lab Instructions
Exam Rehearsal
Cultural Workshop
Nagasaki International University (NIU)
Practical Exam Translation
ARKAS Sasebo
July 5th (Sun)Practical Exam
Theoretical Exam Translation
ARKAS Sasebo
July 6th (Mon)Cultural Workshop (cont’d) 
Theoretical Exam Translation
ARKAS Sasebo
July 7th (Tue)Theoretical Exam

IBO Educational Conference:
On the relevant use of new technologies in Life Sciences Education
Cultural Workshop
ARKAS Sasebo

Cultural Night (SASEBO Night)
July 8th (Wed)Excursion #1
Atomic Bomb Hypocenter Park
Unzen Volcano, etc.
Nagasaki City & Unzen City
Choose one from “Nagasaki City,”
“Volcano,” and “Ocean”
Nagasaki Prefecture
July 9th (Thu)Excursion #2
White Beach SASEBO– Scientific Activity of Shore Exploration in the Biology Olympiad
Shirahama Beach, Sasebo
Results Review, Ranking
General Assembly Meeting
ARKAS Sasebo
July 10th (Fri)White Beach SASEBO
Poster Session
ARKAS Sasebo
Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party
ARKAS Sasebo and Hotel Flags Kujukushima Nagasaki
July 11th (Sat)Departure Day

NOTE: This program is subjected to change.