About the Logo



Our logo is inspired by mizuhiki, a traditional Japanese craft where colored rice paper cords are woven, knotted, and braided into intricate patterns and designs. The cords are conventionally made from washi, a type of unique, durable, and versatile paper made in Japan. Often used to commemorate special events or life milestones, you can find mizuhiki at traditional weddings (where it can be seen decorating a woman’s hair), at holidays and festivals (where it often adorns New Year’s decorations), and on washi envelopes that contain money or cards to mark a time of celebration or grief. It can also be used to help tie up the hair of sumo wrestlers or decorate the wigs of kabuki actors. 

The type of knot featured on mizuhiki varies depending on the message one wishes to convey. For our mizuhiki-inspired logo, we chose to feature five strings, which represent the five rings of the Olympics.  The cords are woven together to form a cherry blossom, which, aside from being an important national cultural symbol, also represents the concept of encounters, farewells, and strong, warm bonds. At IBO 2020, we strive to create an event where future world-leading biologists can gather, nurture deep friendships, and inspire each other to better the world.