IBO Challenge 2020 Opening Video

Opening Video Contents

0:01- Intro
1:56- The IBO Chairman: Dr. Ryoichi Matsuda
3:37- The Chief of the IBO2020 Scientific Committee: Dr. Hiroshi Wada
4:30- Oath Ceremony Instructions
5:20- Competitor’s Oath Script
5:46- Jury and Exam Supervisor’s Oath Script

Oath Scripts

Competitor’s Oath
We, competitors of this” IBO challenge” solemnly swear that we will answer the theoretical and practical competition questions in the most responsible way and we will compete honestly according to the principles of “Fair Play”.

Jury and Exam supervisor’s Oath
We, the members of this International Biology Olympiad Jury, solemnly swear to judge the competition of IBO challenge 2020 according to the principles of “Fair Play”.