Students Jury Members
7 August Online jury meeting begins.
8 August Online jury meeting ends.
* Voting will be accepted via online form.
* There will be no video conferences.
9 August
10 August The final version of exams will be sent.
Translation begins.
11 August Practical Exams (*1) Supervision of practical exams (*2)
12 August Theoretical Exams (*1) Supervision of theoretical exams (*2)
13 August Deadline to submit all answer sheets
13-23 August
24 August The final result will be posted on the website.

*1: Within each exam day, the exam timetable is up to each country. Countries can freely decide exam starting time, recess duration, and/or the order of exams within a day.

*2: Can also be done by a person equivalent to a jury member. Please read the Exam Operation Guidelines for more information.